Professional Medical Billing and Coding Services in Summit NJ

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Advanced Billing Concepts, LLC offers professional medical billing services to health care providers in several locations within New Jersey. With more than 15 years of relevant experience in the industry, we take pride in having extensive knowledge and expertise with managing accounts receivables, collections, insurance billing, worker’s compensation, PIP cases, contracting, and credentialing in various medical specializations, including chiropractic billing, occupational therapy billing, and physical therapy billing as well as administrative protocols.

Medical Billing Specialties:

  • Family Practice Medical Billing
  • Internal Medicine Medical Billing
  • OBGYN Medical Billing
  • Ophthalmology Billing
  • Optometry Billing
  • Otolaryngology Billing
  • Pediatric Medical Billing
  • Plastic Surgery Billing


Other Services Offered by Advanced Billing Concepts:

  • Billing and Coding
  • Accounts Receivables
  • Patient Statements
  • Insurance Benefit Verifications
  • Assistance with Pre-certifications
  • PIP Arbitration
  • Contracting and Credentialing
  • Administrative Efficiency Consultation
  • Assistance in Starting a New Practice
  • Creation of Personalized Administrative Documents


What Would Health Care Providers Achieve by Outsourcing Their Medical Billing Services in Summit, New Jersey?

When you outsource your medical billing, you free your practice from expenses and issues that do not involve your primary role, which is to take care of your patients. Doing so allows you to focus on developing your practice and looking after your patients. Another important benefit is, your organization’s financial health is better taken cared of by experienced and professional billing specialists who are committed to deliver only the best outcomes.

We understand that some health care providers might have apprehensions in entrusting their medical billing to a third party contractor. However, deciding to outsource this particular task has so many benefits for providers. Hiring a medical billing company such as Advanced Billing Concepts means that providers will no longer have to manage an in-house billing department which will take away the costs of compensating their billing staff, of having to regularly train them to ensure they have the necessary skills to produce quality work, of backfilling in cases of attrition, of monitoring their performance, of investing in technologies such as hardware and software to be used for this particular task, and of maintenance and recovery costs. More importantly, outsourcing medical billing enables providers to devote one hundred percent of their time and effort to their practice.


How Having a Dedicated Billing Team Can Optimize Your Cash Flow

As you focus on your patients, our team will focus on increasing your collections in the least possible amount of time. Once you have decided to hire our company, you are hiring a dedicated team of billing experts who will become an extension of your staff. Every time you contact our office, you will be assisted by a familiar voice who knows everything about your account so you are given prompt and appropriate service every time.

Advanced Billing Concepts does more than deliver efficient billing services to our clients, we make outsourcing a positive experience for them, giving them a personalized approach each and every time. Aside from giving each client their own dedicated billing team, we consider their preferences and adapt our services to suit these.


Leverage on ABC’s Advanced Technologies and Up-to-Date Procedures

Advanced Billing Concepts is committed to providing you with the best possible solutions to your billing concerns at the shortest possible time using the latest technologies and the most current procedures. You can depend on our team to provide you with the latest technologies customized to cater to your practice’s specific needs and requirements. Our highly-efficient billing software can be set up to have a direct connection to your current system. By leveraging on our technologies, you no longer have to invest in expensive technology that would only become obsolete over time. We will also be updating you with the most recent billing procedures, codes, and documentation rules.

Rest assured that Advanced Billing Concepts will provide you with the best advice and deliver optimum medical billing solutions for your health care practice. Choose our professional and highly skilled team of billing experts to manage your medical billing from start to finish.


Other Areas Served:


For more information on our physical therapy medical billing services in Summit, New Jersey, please call (973) 239-4040 or Get Started Here.