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Advanced Billing Concepts, LLC is a team of experienced medical billing professionals servicing health care providers from various different specializations. With over 15 years of experience with accounts receivables, collections, insurance billing, worker’s compensation, and PIP cases, our team is reliable and efficient in managing medical billing. We also provide assistance with contracting and credentialing, and possess extensive knowledge and experience with physical therapy billing, occupational therapy billing, and chiropractic billing as well as administrative protocols.

Learn about the various services Advanced Billing Concepts offers to health care providers in New Jersey:

Medical Billing Specialties:

  • Family Practice Medical Billing
  • Internal Medicine Medical Billing
  • OBGYN Medical Billing
  • Ophthalmology Billing
  • Optometry Billing
  • Otolaryngology Billing
  • Pediatric Medical Billing
  • Plastic Surgery Billing


Other Services Offered by Advanced Billing Concepts:

  • Billing and Coding
  • Accounts Receivables
  • Patient Statements
  • Insurance Benefit Verifications
  • Assistance with Pre-certifications
  • PIP Arbitration
  • Contracting and Credentialing
  • Administrative Efficiency Consultation
  • Assistance in Starting a New Practice
  • Creation of Personalized Administrative Documents


Important Benefits of Outsourcing Your Medical Billing in Newark, New Jersey

While medical billing is an essential part of a health care practice, it does not have to be maintained in-house. Outsourcing this process enables health care providers to focus on their practice and their patients, instead of dedicating a portion of their time managing and monitoring their bills and claims processing.

Another benefit of entrusting this process to a third party medical billing team like Advanced Billing Concepts is, you will no longer have to manage a separate billing department, coordinating and planning their training, and paying for additional personnel compensation, such as monthly salaries, paid sick and vacation leaves, staff replacement, payroll taxes, and other benefits.

In addition, outsourcing medical billing NJ eliminates the need for capital investments in hardware and software associated with this particular task, maintenance costs, and disaster recovery. It also removes the risks of technologies becoming obsolete and the need to replace them with the most current in the industry.

At the end of the day, it becomes apparent for health care providers that outsourcing medical billing is a more cost-efficient way to manage accounts receivables, pending claims, and other billing issues. If you want to obtain a free estimate of the medical billing services at Advanced Billing Concepts, please email us or call us at (973) 239-4040.

Choose a Reliable and Dedicated Billing Team to Handle Your Medical Billing

With Advanced Billing Concepts, every client is assisted by a dedicated billing team. We strive to make our clients feel comfortable with our services by having familiar people who know their account by heart assist them every time they call our office or request for a visit to their facility. We pride in the fact that we are able to establish strong ties with our clients, so even those who were very reluctant at first to outsource their billing are now valued clients.

We regard our clients as partners and we constantly seek innovative ways to help them manage their health care costs and reduce their expenses. We also try our best to adjust to the different preferences of our clients. While there are providers who are open to using our technologies to effectively manage their billing, there are some who prefer to maintain their existing protocols. For us, this is not a problem, we simply look for the best possible way to meet our client’s needs while at the same time giving them what they want.


Efficient and Prompt Solutions Using the Latest Technologies in Medical Billing

As our corporate name suggests, our billing management solutions include “advanced” technologies – one more reason for you to trust our company. By offering the most up-to-date technologies in the industry, Advanced Billing Concepts is able to provide the best possible solutions to your billing concerns at the shortest possible time. The end result, greater profitability for your medical practice!

And as medical billing processes, codes, and documentation policies are constantly changing, our team will see to it that you are always kept informed of the most current updates in the industry, including Medicare.


Other Areas Served:


For more information on our physical therapy medical billing services in Newark, New Jersey, please call (973) 239-4040 or Get Started Here.