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Advanced Billing Concepts, LLC provides comprehensive medical billing solutions to health care providers, helping them improve their financial health and allowing them to focus on their practice. Our team has more than 15 years of experience in collections, accounts receivables, insurance billing, worker’s compensation, and personal injury protection (PIP) cases. We are also experienced in consultative services, such as credentialing, reviewing and negotiating insurance contracts, and administrative protocols.


Medical Billing Specialties:

  • Family Practice Medical Billing
  • Internal Medicine Medical Billing
  • OBGYN Medical Billing
  • Ophthalmology Billing
  • Optometry Billing
  • Otolaryngology Billing
  • Pediatric Medical Billing
  • Plastic Surgery Billing


Other Services Offered by Advanced Billing Concepts:

  • Billing and Coding
  • Accounts Receivables
  • Patient Statements
  • Insurance Benefit Verifications
  • Assistance with Pre-certifications
  • PIP Arbitration
  • Contracting and Credentialing
  • Administrative Efficiency Consultation
  • Assistance in Starting a New Practice
  • Creation of Personalized Administrative Documents


Why Should a Health Care Provider Outsource Medical Billing Services in Montclair, New Jersey?

Medical billing NJ is an integral part of health care practice, but it does not have to be maintained in-house. While there are providers who prefer to have their own staff to perform their billing tasks, hiring a billing company such as Advanced Billing Concepts can help a medical facility save a lot of money.

For one, outsourcing medical billing processes eliminates expenses associated with personnel dedicated for the task, such as monthly salary, training, vacation leaves, sick leaves, payroll taxes, and replacement costs. Second, hiring a third party to do your medical billing activities for your facility would mean that you won’t have to invest in software and hardware related to this task.

Another advantage of outsourcing your medical billing is you can ensure the quality and efficiency of this process without having to constantly monitor the adjusted collections rate, the ratio of claims paid in a timely manner, or how much accounts receivable have exceeded 120 days. By letting another company take care of all these, health care providers can focus on developing their practice and taking care of their patients.


You Can Count on Our Reliable and Dedicated Billing Team

We know how it must be difficult for some health care providers to entrust their medical billing to a third party contractor like us, and we strive hard to establish a good personal relationship with our clients. We want to make each and every client of Advanced Billing Concepts to feel that we are part of their staff, so we have a dedicated team that assists them every time they call our office. We also visit our client’s office so there is a seamless transition from their current billing process to ours.

Advanced Billing Concepts uses a highly-efficient billing software so we are able to provide prompt and efficient billing service to all our clients every time. Medical billing leaves no room for errors, and we make sure that we get things right the first time, every time. And while the technologies we use are very reliable, we understand that some clients opt to maintain their current protocols and use a system that they are comfortable with. Our team is very flexible, and we find ways to cater to every client’s preferences.


No Need to Invest in the Latest Technology in Medical Billing, We’ll Take Care of That for You

Technology becomes obsolete over time. Instead of using your funds to purchase hardware and software related to medical billing, you can leverage on our team’s expertise and technologies. We offer a cost-effective solution for your billing processing, providing efficient service so you can focus entirely on your practice and your patients.

By choosing to entrust your billing tasks to our team, you no longer have to worry about technologies becoming obsolete and incurring costs for storage, upgrades, servers, networks, maintenance service, and support. Advanced Billing Concepts will manage all of these for you, keeping abreast of the latest technologies in medical billing to deliver only the best solutions.


Other Areas Served:


For more information on our physical therapy medical billing services in Montclair, New Jersey, please call (973) 239-4040 or Get Started Here.